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On The Issues

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I’ve put partisanship aside and supported legislation that allows our neighborhoods and businesses to thrive. Investing in our community means more jobs where we need them. But we also need better transit to get to our families those good jobs.

I have defended Gwinnett’s ability to expand transit so that we can attract more businesses, even more transplants, and increase tax dollars. Those tax dollars will then be invested in our community to increase education budgets, increase mental health budgets, and decrease our carbon footprint.



We need legislation that is compassionate to all sectors of our communities so that it takes care of all. Currently, wealthy companies flourish while families covered by Medicaid continuously receive fewer and fewer covered services. Our schools need reform that supports a student and teacher friendly environment instead of test friendly environment.

As your State Representative, I am committed to legislation involving our youth, our senior citizens, and our marginalized communities.



I will continue my career in education by informing our communities of all upcoming legislation. I stand for nothing short of transparent, ethical, and honest legislation that supports collaborative partnerships between citizens, businesses, and our government.



Zip codes should not determine your success or your access to community resources or quality education. I’ve made it my mission to fight for equal rights, for safety, for livability, for representation, for all Georgians. As your State Representative, I have fought to give everyone a seat at the table. We are all in.


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